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Provide customers with better service quality
In order to provide better customer service quality, the Tong Hsing Company wholeheartedly welcomes friends from all walks of life to participate in the process of diversified and integrated marketing. We hope that through the productive dialogue of corporate cooperation, we can carry forward the concept of sustainable development and expansion for the company, and create mutual competitive advantages and brand-new marketing values.
If your company shares our business philosophy, you are welcome to leave your contact information. We will send a representative to contact you as soon as possible - Thank you!
(According to the channel type and stroke sequence)
Hyper Market
Carrefour, RT-Mart, A-Mart
7-Eleven, Family, Hi-Life
Chuan Lien Breeze Center City Super
S-Mart Watsons Pao Ya
SUREWELL G.W.S.M Mitsukoshi Taiwan Fresh
Breakfast Buyers
My Warm Day Wan Jan Shiang Beauty Castal
Good Day From Brunch Mei & Mei Poluo
Hong Ya La Ya Day Full Merry
Food Service
Regent Taipei Royal Shewood
The Ladies Taipei Hotel Sheraton Grand Taipei Wong Pin
Howard Plaza Shangri - La The Okura Prestige Taipei
San Want Residences Grand Hyatt The Grand Hotel
Taipei Garden Hotel
85℃ Wu Pao Chun I-Me
Uni-Prisent Starbucks Chia Te
Kuob Yuan Ye DaheSong Salico Hun Ya
Isabelle Shun Chen Mr. Mark
King Pasadena Amo
Yannick Quaker Kuai-Kuai
Master Fang I Jy Sheng E.G. Sain
Sugar Spice Hogan Bakery Ikari Coffee
Golden Crown Semeur De Pain San Shu Gong
I-Cake Cherry Grandfather Dante Coffee
Yu Jen Jai Gin Shun Fa Hunya
Florida Yannick Tiramisu
Ellie Chirle Brown Vigor Kobo
House Of Denmark